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Welcome Guraidhoo Palm Inn


Located in the Island of K. Guraidhoo, about 40 minutes speed boat ride from the capital Male is our prestigious Guraidhoo Palm Inn, ready to accommodate and facilitate your dream holiday in the Island Nation, Maldives.

While staying with us all in our friendly, family run guesthouse all the hotel facilities will be available for you and our staff will do everything to make you feel at home. The hotel personnel priority is to fulfil your holiday dreams. While staying in Guraidhoo Palm Inn you have the chance to get to know the real Maldives. You will meet the local people, friendly, helpful and warm and see their everyday life. You can go fishing with the local fishermen and try local cuisine. You will also have the opportunity to visit some places only known to the local people.


The Island


A budget traveller’s haven, Guraidhoo island is locates in South Malé Atoll in the Maldives. Accessible by ferry or speed boat from the capital of Malé, Guraidhoo will give a chance to dive into traditional Maldivian island life without forgoing modernity.

With a serene and tranquil ambience, the island is a stone’s throw away from some of the world class dive sites and the area boasting some of the best surf spots. This is the perfect destination to go if you love the water adventures and nature that're guide your holiday with a beauty, rhythms and magic.

Located on the atoll's eastern edge, Guraidhoo is a charming Maldivian fishing village. With a population of 1,800, it is surrounded by reefs teeming with the hypnotic marine life. Historically, Guraidhoo was used as a refuge for sultans during political turmoil and attempted invasions. One reason for this could be that the complex reef displacement made it difficult for foreign ships to find a passage into the island.

It is located a little further south of famous Maafushi, and it is smaller. With a less typical tourist infrastructure, the island therefore can give you a more authentic Maldivian experience. The hospitality of its people and the many souvenir shops lining the main road have long attracted visitors from neighbouring resorts and passing liveaboards.

While explore the island you will spot a hospital, police, drugstore, a children's playground, school, a mosque, some minimarkets that sell the basic necessities, a lot of souvenir shops, 3 cafes and restaurant, and two dive centres.

Guraidhoo's house reef is a good place for snorkelling to open your eyes to the spectacular marine life of Maldives. If you’re are new to snorkeling, a some guest houses provide a guide to the house reef to learn the nuts and bolts of snorkelling. Once you get accustomed to it, then its time to venture out in to the individual reefs around the atoll to seek more adventure. Please note a snorkelling gear not for free, if you plan to do lots of snorkelling, please do bring your own mask and fins.

The Maldives is one of the most amazing surf destinations in the world. K.Guraidhoo is no different, surrounded by several exceptional and diverse surf spots to cater for every level of surfer.

There are 2 breaks adjacent to the island. Foxy’s is a fast shallow left hander, only semi-consistent, while Riptides (aka Last stop) is a super fun right. You have to cross a 40 m channel to get there. Foxy’s is a “Goofys Paradise” or if you’re fast on the backhand you will love this wave. Breaks for 100 to 150 meters and provides many barrel opportunities. Advanced spot that can be also reached by swimming from Lhosfushi (Bikini Beach Island) Best with SE swell and NW wind.

Riptides is consistent and works pretty much at all tides. Great wave for the long-boarders and short-boarders as well as low intermediate surfers, providing curved walls with the occasional hollow section. Best with S swell and SW wind. There are occasional safari boats that show up but crowds are generally much lighter than North Malé.

Kates is an advanced spot that can be also reached by swimming from Lohifushi. Slow right-hander, perfect for beginners and for long-boarders. It is better with West-North West winds and with a moderate swell from the South.

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