Activities available to the hotel guests:

  • Snorkeling: half day, full day or night
  • Scuba diving: half or full day, also night diving
  • Night or early morning fishing – a really thrilling experience! And you can have your fish served for dinner later…
  • Excursions (full or half day)
  • Trips to Dolphin point, where you can admire dolphins jumping out of water
  • Sandbank trips which may include dinner at sunset
  • Sunset cruise in a small boat – dhoani.
  • Trip to the Turtle point – and snorkeling with turtles
  • Manta point – you can snorkel with manta rays or just watch them from the boat
  • Submarine excursion
  • Whale shark trip – whole day trip to another atoll, snorkeling and lunch included
  • Trip to the Picnic Island – one of the little islands mostly visited by the local people
  • Full day trip to other atolls

All of them can be arranged from the hotel, with experienced local dive masters and guides.

Water sports available:
and many, many more.


Maldives are not only a divers’ paradise – you can also experience the wonderful variety of marine life around the islands during snorkeling.

There are about 70 species of coral in the surrounding sea, which create fantastic terraces, cliffs and other amazing formations which are home to about 700 species of local fauna and flora.

Due to the sea currents you can see many unique species of fish like dogtooth tuna, trevally, jacks, sweetlips, butterfly fish, wahoo, fusiliers and rare napoleon wrasses.
You can also see sharks, turtles, anemones, schools of fish like sweetlips or eels, octopus and rays. There is an abundance of marine life species in the waters of the Indian Ocean. In late summer and autumn you can see majestic manta rays and the biggest fish species - whale sharks.
During night snorkeling you can watch whale sharks and manta rays sleeping and see different corals that you cannot see during the day.

Don't worry about the equipment – we can provide it for you.
If you don't have prior knowledge of snorkeling, our staff will help you learn it during the lessons in shallow lagoons.
The hotel also offers the possibility of renting diving equipment for those interested in diving. There are highly qualified local dive masters available to look after you and show you the most exciting dive sites.